Devon Norse | News | Devon Norse facilitates interactive ‘Food Is Fun’ workshop at Cornwood C.E. Primary

Devon Norse facilitates interactive ‘Food Is Fun’ workshop at Cornwood C.E. Primary

July 2017

Devon Norse recently supported Tami Skelton, Nutritionist and Director of ‘Food Is Fun’, by arranging for the Devon-based Community Interest initiative to run a hands-on session for pupils at Cornwood C.E. Primary School.


The ‘Food is Fun’ workshop is an hour of interaction, enabling young children to understand more about food. It encourages them to explore and learn about food in a fun way, thus promoting healthy eating habits that they can take home and use in their day-to-day environments.


Tami and her colleague set up two interactive stations, where the divided groups would experience different aspects of food and its importance to the human body.


The first station was involved ‘taste and feel’, where fresh foods that consisted of common, as well as less usual, l items were readily available. Here children could feel, smell and taste items, which included fresh basil leaves, lemons, radishes and ginger, to encourage the interaction with foods they might be experiencing for the first time.  It also explained how the foods can be used in what the children could eat at home.


The second station saw children learn about the Eatwell Guide, and what the human body needs daily to perform at its best. This was made fun by incorporating it into a shopping challenge, allowing children to ‘shop’ for items that they believe to be a well-balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were shown how to ensure they included foods from all food groups, with special emphasis on incorporating their 10-a-day fruit and vegetable requirements, and reducing sugars and fat’s.


Devon Norse Catering Manager Sarah Harrison commented; “The students at Cornwood C.E. Primary School were great fun to work with. They all made a point of sampling everything, got very involved in the workshop and had lots of exciting comments and questions.


“It was really encouraging to see them interested in learning about what the body needs, and what foods fall under each category. Devon Norse is always keen to help facilitate this sort of addition to a school’s curriculum; it is one example of how we provide that a little bit extra.”


The groups swopped over after 30 minutes, allowing each team to experience both working stations.


Karen Batten, Head of Teaching and Learning at Cornwood, C.E Primary School, said: "The children especially enjoyed smelling and identifying different herbs and tasting more unusual foods such as samphire.   At the end, the children enthusiastically promised to try something new the next time they have the chance."