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Trading Standards confirms Devon Norse beef traceability

March 2013

Trading Standards in Devon have confirmed that beef meals supplied by the county’s major school meals supplier Devon Norse has full product traceability.

“We have always sourced produce locally wherever possible,” said Devon Norse Managing Director Ray Beale. “Our beef burgers are either home made using locally sourced Westcountry beef, or made especially for us using the same high quality ingredients.”

“The confirmation by Trading Standards that our products are both safe and made with full-traceability beef will reassure parents and school staff,\" Mr Beale added.

Devon Norse follows the same exacting protocol and guidelines as other schools catering operations within Norse, including those covered by the company’s head office in Norfolk.

Mark Emms, Norse’s Director in charge of catering commented, “Norse has robust policies to ensure the quality and traceability of all food products in our supply chain. All our school meals are healthy, balanced and nutritious, and of course follow strict standards. This means parents can be confident their children are enjoying a healthy and tasty lunch. All beef products used in Norse meals have been tested to FSA tolerance levels of less than 1%, with zero trace of horse meat being found.

Norse Catering uses fresh and frozen meat in its school meals but, it is important to note, no readymade or convenience products.”